7 tips to improve posture and combat back pain

Instead of resorting to medication, we can try different techniques and implement some tips to relieve back pain and improve our posture, if you usually have a forward position.

More and more people are suffering from back pain at a younger age, and poor posture by our children or at work causes the dreaded discomfort to begin.

Besides, some bad eating or posture habits are becoming more frequent, aggravating these disorders, which are beginning to be suffered by children and adolescents.

In this article, we offer seven tips to improve posture and combat back pain to avoid having to resort to medication and have a better quality of life.

Why do I have back pain?

Many factors influence back pain and can affect different parts of your back, such as the lumbar, thoracic or cervical area:

  • Poor posture for long periods.
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • The temperature and humidity of the environment
  • Emotional stress problems
  • Inflammatory diseases, etc.

We must always take into account the cause when carrying out the treatment, so it will be the first thing to locate.

However, these tips are suitable for almost all factors, and we can help reduce back pain and have a much healthier posture.

improve posture

Tips to improve posture

We recommend that you visit a professional before doing anything, they must do periodic revisions to avoid significant illnesses and to ensure that your body functions correctly.

Strengthen the abdomen

Without a doubt, one of the most common tips for overcoming back pain is to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
By strengthening your abdominals, you will get excellent support, and therefore the spine will carry less weight, thus avoiding overloading it.

Many people choose abdominal girdles to take care of this function but be careful. However, it may provide temporary relief; all they will do in the long run is weaken the muscles even more since they stop working for the support provided by the lumbar girdle.

It would help if you started doing abdominals, but with minimal movements, concentrated or hypopressive exercises because otherwise you will worsen the pain even more.

Sleeping with several pillows

Much of the day is spent in bed, so we also have to consider how our back recovers after a long day of work.

Some pillows will help us to get a better relaxation of the spine as we saw in the article about the best neck pillows that help you to reduce the tension in your neck and back while you sleep.

If we sleep on our side, we will put a pillow between our legs so that our hips remain more open and rested and, therefore, our spine as well.

If we sleep on our backs, we will place a pillow under our thighs and knees.

Do the test and observe how all the lumbar muscles relax.

Use an electric massager

If you get a chance to try an electric back massager, do it. They are handy for relaxing the back muscles after a long day or when you feel tired. Most of the models have a heat effect and Shiatsu massage, which consists of a series of rollers that massage the area as if they were the masseur’s fingers, deepening the muscle to unwind it.

Sit down better

How many hours are we sitting here every day? Have you done the math?

Especially while working or at the computer we usually slouch more and more, which has very adverse effects on our back and our health in general.

How can we sit better?

  • Your legs should be slightly apart and at right angles.
  • We should sit well on our buttocks and even feel the weight on the ischial bones. It is advisable to keep our buttocks hard so that they can support our weight without difficulty.
  • Straight back and tight abdomen.
  • The shoulders should be relaxed.
  • You should maintain the natural curve of your lower back, put a cushion on it if necessary or think about buying an ergonomic chair if you spend most of your day sitting.

Not only is it important to sit, there are many other times of the day when good posture cannot be ignored.

  • It would help if you walked without stiffness. Relaxed, but maintaining an upright posture, neither hunched over nor leaning over.
  • If you have to wait to stand up, open your legs evenly, distributing the weight between the two.
  • To squat, we will always sit in a squatting position.
  • To get out of bed, we will first arrive on our side and slowly get out of bed.

Other reasons that can cause back pain are changes in temperature, humidity, cold, wind, etc.

We should always take care of our backs, especially our lower parts, by not letting them get too cold.

Eat superfoods

We can never forget about food; our diet must provide us with the necessary nutrients to avoid the deficits that cause us symptoms such as pain or inflammation.

To get the vitamins and minerals, we need in our daily diet what I call superfoods.

  • Fruits, like avocado and coconut.
  • Fresh vegetables, salads, juices and smoothies.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Whole grains such as quinoa, millet, or buckwheat
  • Algae such as spirulina.

Emotions are important

Negative emotions and stress alter our nervous system and the functioning of our bodies. It is one of those factors that can cause back pain.

It is essential to always consider the emotional and psychological side for a better quality of life since the solution is not still in medication or supplements.

A relaxed life and taking things philosophically can improve our health much more than you think.

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