Massage Tables

Massages are body treatments that humanity has valued for thousands of years. In early times, civilizations such as China, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome already included the benefits of massage in their medical treaties.

We could think that as it is a treatment applied mainly with the hands, no device is required for its application. However, a professional masseur needs minimal tools to offer his clients safety, hygiene and the correct posture when applying his treatment. Among these tools, the essential thing is to choose a suitable massage table.

It may seem simple, but if we look at it in-depth, we see that there are many types, with very particular characteristics and specifications that will define their use, depending on the case.

If you are a professional in massage, physiotherapy or aesthetic treatments, now you will be able to compare some of the best massage tables available on the market. Also, you will be able to know their variables, criteria for choosing and their primary functions.

Types of massage tables

We can categorize the massage tables according to various criteria: according to their materials: there are wooden massage tables, aluminium, etc. According to your posture, there are the basic and the multi postural ones. According to their model, since they can be foldable, fixed, portable, thermal-hydraulic, etc.

Folding massage tables

The advantages of folding massage tables respond to factors of time and space. A table of this type is portable. It can be folded and unfolded to take with you.

Some models are so practical and light that they can be easily transported, like a suitcase. They fold with very little manoeuvring. The foldable conformation allows to position and to remove the area of the massage tables making use of very little space.

The most recommended model of folding massage table is the H-Root.

H-ROOT 3 Section Lightweight Professional Massage Table Portable Beauty Salon Chair Plinth Bed for...
265 Reviews
H-ROOT 3 Section Lightweight Professional Massage Table Portable Beauty Salon Chair Plinth Bed for...
  • 2 year guarantee. CE Certified. 3 section wooden massage Table suitable for professionals involved in Beauty, Salon, Tatoo, Reiki, Healing, Swedish massage, etc. Comes with a two years guarantee....
  • Free accessories include: Extension head rest, front arm rest, 2 x side arm supports, facehole plug and carry bag.
  • Table weight only 13.5kg (without accessories), accessories weight 2.5kg.
  • Dimensions: 186-211cm (Length) x 60cm (Width) x 62cm-83cm (Height). Length: Without front head rest: 186cm. With front head rest: 211cm. Width: Without side arm rest: 60cm. With side arm rest: 82cm....
  • Frame material: Wood (Birch). Leather material: Water & Oil resistant PVC leather. Foam: 4cm high-density memory foam.

This folding massage table is a necessary and straightforward table that supports a maximum weight of 250kg. It is effortless to transport, and its design allows it to be folded as a briefcase. Even so, the working space is not compromised, as a massage bed of ample dimensions 186-210 cm long x 60cm wide, with adjustable height from 60 to 82cm.

The accessories, specifically the sling or the cranial pillows, are adjustable individually, at the discretion of the professional masseur and depending on the specific needs of each patient or client. The hole for the skull provides peace of mind at the time of massage and a correct position of the cervical spine.

Wooden massage table with armrests

It is a very stable massage table, thanks to the coated wires that connect its wooden legs. Thus, we ensure a very light, but also safe massage table. It is covered with PU leather, waterproof and oilproof, an essential feature of a good massage table. The high-density foam creates comfort for the patient.

Naipo Massage Table Deluxe Beauty Bed Aluminum Material Portable 2 Section for Treatment Reiki Salon...
28 Reviews
Naipo Massage Table Deluxe Beauty Bed Aluminum Material Portable 2 Section for Treatment Reiki Salon...
  • 【Enough Wide & Longe】The massage bed is 72.84in long and the headrest is 83.9in long. The width is 27.6in (the width with armrests is 35.4in).Just press the button to change the height between...
  • 【Premium Materials】 With water and oil proof, durable and environmentally friendly PU leather, you can get an extremely comfortable workbench. The rope of aviation material makes it stable and...
  • 【Stable and Sturdy Foundation】 2 section massage table is equipped with aluminum alloy leg, and solid wire ropes and anti-slip pads make this massage bed ultra-strong and reliable.Its working load...
  • 【Easy Operation】Quick-lock leg and frame system for opening and folding your couch bed in seconds, can be quickly completed without any additional tools.
  • 【Free Full Set of Accessories】A removable and height adjustable headrest, front armrest, 2 side arm supports, face cradle, carry case, and face hole plug. Anyone can customize your own massage.

The face hole is designed with soft edges to decrease pressure points on the face. The height is adjustable from 60 to 81cm. It is a feature that must be taken into account when choosing the massage bed. The possibility of adjusting the massage table and working at the correct height gives the professional a wide margin of work while taking care of its integrity, ensuring a proper ergonomic position when applying the massages.

Aluminium Massage Table

It is a folding massage table made of aluminium covered with a waterproof and washable PVC cover. The only precaution to consider in this sense is not to use ammonia cleaners. It is versatile and lightweight. It is a three-position massage table that can be adjusted in a wide range of height, from 60 to 80 cm. The thickness of the cover provides comfort and reduces pressure points on the skin. It is a massage table that, like the previous ones, is highly valued by users and is among the best-selling models.

POLIRONESHOP EUROPA Lightweight professional folding portable massage table aluminium (light blue)
1 Reviews
POLIRONESHOP EUROPA Lightweight professional folding portable massage table aluminium (light blue)
  • Suitable for any professional use (physiotherapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, kneading, tattoos, aesthetics, clinics, pedicures, tattoo parlours, reflexology, etc.).
  • Cover is washable and resistant to water and oil, can be wiped clean with ordinary multi-purpose ammonia free cleaning products.
  • Reinforced backrest and face hole which allows the patient to lie down prone on their front or back in the same direction.
  • The bag is made of nylon and has a shoulder strap and handle for ease of carrying.
  • Colours Available: Cream, Black, White, Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Burgundy, Lilac, Green, Brown, Blue, White/Pink, Black/Burgundy.

Stationary massage tables

This type of massage table is ideal when you do not need to move. If you have a fixed location, this should be your choice for several reasons. First, they generate greater confidence for customers who feel safer lying down on a massage table that is much more solid than folding massage tables (which are). Second, aesthetically they tend to be more pleasing than folding ones and, finally, this will add a more professional touch to your workplace.

The best stationary massage table

This stationary massage table confers a very superior comfort to the narrowest massage table. It has a wooden surface structure, pleasant to the eye. The backrest is reclining and can be adjusted using a manual mechanism. It comes with a removable headrest cushion and contains a facial hole, essential for patient comfort when lying face down.

Master Massage Claudia Modern Stationary Massage Table Spa Table Salon Couch Beauty Couch, 76 cm,...
2 Reviews
Master Massage Claudia Modern Stationary Massage Table Spa Table Salon Couch Beauty Couch, 76 cm,...
  • The pneumatic gas-spring adjustable backrest and leg rest move up and down effortlessly allowing you to position your customers in variety of therapeutic ways
  • 9cm thick cushion of High-Density Multi-Layer Small Cell foam, providing super comfort
  • Interlock leg extension system provides stability and durability of your table
  • NUMBERED leg adjustment holes provide quick, easy and accurate height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty open storage shelf to conveniently store towels, linens and other accessories

Also, this encourages communication between the therapist and his client, as he has the face free to express pain or any sensation that should be externalized. Besides, it has a waterproof tapestry, resistant to water and oil, very easy to clean.

Hydraulic massage table

Hydraulic tables are more durable and robust than stationary and folding tables. They give us greater comfort when working with more than one masseur, since the height can be adjusted and modified by operating it with a lever with the use of afoot. Thanks to this option, the maintenance is not so necessary in these machines. It only needs to be greased a little in their moving parts to avoid the collision or friction that usually happens when the bearings or gears dry up. Besides, the useful life of this type of massage table is very high.

However, when the masseuse or local damage has to pay for repair because they are more complex than the others. So, it demands a little more in maintenance costs.

Best Hydraulic Massage Table

Hydraulic tables are more robust and comfortable than stationary or folding tables, but they also provide the opportunity to adjust the patient’s position more precisely. Its hydraulic mechanism implies a minimum effort now of graduation.

Massage Table, Qivange Hydraulic Massage Bed Beauty Salon Chair Therapy Tattoo Couch with Chrome...
4 Reviews
Massage Table, Qivange Hydraulic Massage Bed Beauty Salon Chair Therapy Tattoo Couch with Chrome...
  • Dimension--198 * 82 * 85cm(L x W x H). Load carrying capacity of this massage table is up to 150kg working weight.
  • Comfy Massage Bed: Comfortable thick padded breathable seat cushion. Breathable PU leather, easy to be cleaned and taken care of. Great design and ends allow you to lie down for reiki healing.
  • Professional Beauty Bed: Back part can be adjusted to a appr 45 degree position or can lay flatly (45-180 degree). Quickly order one for your beauty business.
  • Hydraulically Height Adjustable: Foot operated hydraulic back rest adjustment.
  • Shipping Note: Due to courier restrictions some areas out of UK mainland (Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland) require a surcharge - please contact us by Amazon email for extra postage charges.

Also, changes can be made while the patient is on the massage table. This type of massage tables is particular for those undergoing treatments related to recovery processes, lumbar diseases or physiotherapy. For example, when grading the upper back is very useful if people with special conditions associated to the spine, while the back of the legs can be adjusted for treatments in the lower limbs, as in the case of lymphatic drainage.

One of the essential advantages of this type of massage table is that it allows the person to be placed in multiple positions. You can be lying down, moderately reclined, or with your back vertical. Thus, we can apply a wide range of massages with different purposes. This massage table is made of synthetic leather which is one of the easiest to clean and gives a very professional finish. To complete its multifunctionality, contains facial hole.

Choosing a massage table

To correctly choose a massage table, several factors related to our needs and its inherent characteristics must be considered. Massages are treatments in which the client must be assured of their comfort, maximum relaxation, comfort, and well-being. The massage table chosen should provide these benefits while protecting and promoting a proper posture of the professional masseuse.

Depending on our performance, we will value one quality more than another. In the case of materials, for example, if we have a spa on the seashore, it is preferable to have wooden tables than aluminium because of saltpetre corrosion. If our massage centre is oriented and decorated in total connection with nature, it is also preferable to choose wood that is more in tune with the theme of the local.

If, on the other hand, we value the lightness and mobility of the massage bed, the best thing would be to choose a folding, portable massage table which becomes a suitcase.

Buy cheap massage table

There are massage tables made of wood, aluminium, plastic, steel, and mixed. The materials mainly affect the weight of the massage table and its selling price.


If we want a lighter massage table, we must choose aluminium or wood. It is essential to consider the maximum weight of the massage bed depending on the material of which it is made.

For example, generally, an aluminium massage table can support a maximum of 250 kg at rest, while a massage table of the same size made of beech wood can support up to 1000 kg of weight. Also, the sensation conveyed by wooden massage tables is warmer, compared to aluminium which provide a more cooling feeling.

Lining and padding

A massage table needs the indispensable lining and padding when the patient feels comfortable during the session. The coating of the massage table should be soft and comfortable, but rigid at the same time. In this way, the pressure points on the patient’s skin are reduced, and the patient’s weight is cushioned correctly, without sinking into the surface of the massage bed. In this section, it is also advisable to choose waterproof covering materials, which resist both water and oils, and which are easy to clean.

Dimensions of the massage table

This already depends on the space available in the workplace and the type of massages that are commonly applied. Of all the components, the size of the massage table, the height is significant, and the higher the range of variation to regulate it, the better. On the other hand, the width will largely determine the comfort and stability provided by the massage bed. It should not be too narrow to give stability and security, nor so full because it would be uncomfortable for the professional who applies the massage. In general, 60cm wide is fine.

Foldable or stationary

It depends on the use. If the massage table is for domestic use and you want to keep it after each session, it is logical to buy a folding massage table. Likewise, if you are a professional at home now, if the massage table is for an established massage centre, it is much better to buy a stationary massage table.

New or second-hand

It is a decision you should think through. Are you going to use the massage table to start your business or is it just for your personal use? What is the size of your budget? If you decide on a second-hand massage table, you should carefully choose one that suits your needs and is in good condition. The most advisable thing about buying a new one is that you can afford to choose based on more important criteria than price.

Target market

If you are a professional in the field of health or aesthetics, you must choose based on the type of clients you will serve. It is essential to consider ergonometric. If you do iodotherapy, it is not the same as if you dedicate yourself to lymphatic drainage, because the patient must be placed in very different positions in both cases. If you attend a wide range of specialities, it is best to choose a very versatile massage table, which allows you to provide comfort to all types of customers.


Believe it or not, this is important. If you’re going to massage it means you’re going to help people restore some imbalance in their bodies, and even in their emotions: so try to choose colours that match the overall décor of the place.

They can be neutral such as white, grey or black, or very vivid such as orange, yellow and red. The important thing is that your massage table harmonizes with the rest of your furniture. For this, it is good that, if you are buying things in parts, you do a mental scheme, and even a drawing, of how the result of your choices will be.

When your clients are there, the care with which you have chosen the massage table and the rest of the equipment will speak highly of your services.

Advantages of folding massage tables

  • Lightness: The folding massage tables are light, compact and very easy to transport. This is very important for therapists. It would be illogical to buy a massage table that leaves them so exhausted to carry the portable massage bed, that, when arriving at the home office, cannot perform well in their massage session.
  • Wide range of offer: There are many options in aluminium, plastic, wood and mixed materials.
  • Quality: The technology of the folding massage tables has not compromised their quality in favour of practicality or lightness. On the contrary, it has perfectly combined the variables to remain an excellent choice when choosing the massage bed.
  • Resistance and durability: whether made of aluminium or wood or other material, folding massage tables last for years in optimum conditions.
  • Versatility: It is suitable for both private and professional use. The mixed folds (made of both aluminium and wood) are highly recommended by experts when doing physiotherapies.
  • Multifunctionality: It is suitable for Spa, beauty centres, domestic use, physiotherapy, anti-stress massages, reductive, lymphatic, medical uses, rehabilitation and many more applications. It is a plus for those who go from independent and must move always. Also, they are relatively small, so they fit in many places.

Advantages of hydraulic tables

  • Regulatory mechanism: These massage tables have a system that allows the adjustment of height more precisely than the case of traditional massage tables. It will enable patients to be positioned from either side of the massage bed.
  • Low maintenance: The maintenance of the hydraulic system is minimal. The gears should only be greased from time to time.
    Easy and quick cleaning: Thanks to their practical design, these massage tables offer maximum comfort when cleaning.
  • Durability, resistance and longevity: Although the initial investment is higher than that required for other massage beds, in the long term, it is an investment that pays off for the owner. Especially if the bed is for professional use, its useful life is much longer than folding massage tables and allows access to a broader range of customers. It is because this type of massage table can be used for patients with reduced mobility, motor problems or more complicated recoveries than could be treated on a simple massage table.
  • Safety: these massage tables are among the safest and most stable you will find on the market. It is essential from the massager and the patient.
  • Environmentally friendly: Thanks to its hydraulic system, these massage tables do not depend on the power supply and do not represent any energy consumption for use.

Advantages of electric massage tables

  • Functionality: These are massage tables with different functions and applications that can be used as a complement to manual massage. Some even work on their own, without the need for a massager. Besides, the mechanisms are usually silent and soft. Even the patient sometimes does not notice the vibration. Among its many types, we can highlight the thermal massage tables, which have an endless number of applications in the area of health.
  • Controller: The massager does not need to lift the massage table. These have a controller, either hand or foot, which allows you to adjust the height without complications.
  • Multi posture: Some models of this type of massage tables have a mechanism of elevation system, called peripheral systems. It is located around the massage table at ground level, allowing you to activate this system with a slight touch of the foot and from any position. In this way, a patient can be taken from lying down to more vertical positions.
  • Smoothness: It has a smooth, linear rise, which is very important for patients with severe spine or cervical spine injuries. It allows the patient to be treated gently and not suffer pain or trauma in their treatments.
  • Safety: In the case of massage tables marketed in Europe, their motors comply with the relevant safety regulations.
  • Comfort: With this type of massage table, happiness is an optimum value. Some models have support points on both sides of the head to achieve higher patient comfort, other models have a high-density foam, allowing the patient a feeling of real softness.

Advantages of stationary massage tables

  • Security: In this sense, they are the ideal option to work in a local, just as it is preferred in hospitals.
  • Stability: They are the most stable in the market and those that support a higher weight range. Also, they are stronger and more robust than the folding ones, because in this case, the lightness of the massage bed is not a value.
  • Comfort: They are more extensive than the rest of the massage tables, which provides more support to the patient in their session.

Massage Tables