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Bestseller No. 1
GPF Foot Application And Massager Properties Spring Massage Slipper, 1, 39
  • It is for massage purpose, so normaly get pain in your first wear, but offer great health benefits.need to get used to them, suggest to wear a pair of thick socks and gradually decrease the thickness,...
  • Enhance resistance and restore normal physiological functions of the human body. Stones are natural, Promotes blood circulation and improve immunity and relieve tension and promote a good sleep。
  • Improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension in your feet by utilizing specific TCM pressure points。With precise acupressure points in each of the feet these healthy life sandals can help people...
  • Massage sandles, Enjoy the benefits of a Daily Reflexology Foot Massage, clinically proven to improve health and well-being, stay energetic。
  • Experience a healthy foot massage in the comfort of your own home - everyday you walk around the house。
Bestseller No. 2
GPF Wooden foot roller massager rolling foot massager, 1
  • 100% New 12 Wheel Foot Massager.
  • Great foot stress relief or just relaxation
  • Compact enough to easily store away or carry in a small bag
  • Natural environmental protection, easy to use, to promote the blood circulation of the soles of the feet, improve sleep, good for health, especially for the elderly
  • And after use a few days, your legs will feel flexible and brisk walking, handsome, reliable, absolutely the best gift
Bestseller No. 3
GPF 1Pcs High Quality Roller Body Slimming Leg Massager Foot Magic Shapely Legs Relax Relaxation...
  • Material: PP + PE + ABS, Environmental protection, non-toxic
  • Function: leg slimming
  • Size: 23.5 * 12.5cm
  • 1. Gently press the skin, from down to up, and the effect is more obvious!
  • 2. Skin lotion can cooperate with other products, or massage bath
Bestseller No. 4
GPF Eight Rows of Foot Massage Bamboo Environmental Health Care Color Massager
  • The bamboo foot massage is made of pure hand-made wood, in the acupuncture area to increase the band with a nail.
  • Very suitable for the elderly, housewives and mental workers and other groups.
  • Massage to stimulate the bottom of the foot reflex zone, to promote metabolism, blood circulation, from fatigue to return to normal, ease neuralgia, eliminate muscle fatigue, qi and blood, energetic,...
  • Please do not stand directly on this massage, but should be sitting in a chair, and then double foot on the massager back and forth rolling massage!
  • Massage time to 15-25 minutes is better, once a day can be, after the completion of the best drink a glass of water, more conducive to good health.
Bestseller No. 5
GPF Handheld Massager Double Percussion Neck/Shoulder/Back/Leg/Foot For Full Body Massager
  • Original function of the best massage head condensation infrared the or not the whole massage, the strength of free to change, automatic transmission of professional automatic massage control.
  • Infrared direct body surface, with the heating function massage effect is more significant
  • Suitable for magnetic field, can clear the blood vessel, promote metabolism
  • Massage head with special engineering plastics, beat more comfortable and powerful. (Reprovision two massage head, according to their own physical condition to choose)
  • An independent operation, easy and convenient, comfortable massage, is the most kneading use, especially the elderly
Bestseller No. 6
GPF Pressure foot leg electric instrument instrument beauty leg massage instrument foot massage foot...
  • Full package balloon, 360-degree three-dimensional extrusion, close contact with the footsteps, softness, completely relax the foot;
  • Feet covered with high-end green PU leather, texture, thin and flexible, wear soft;
  • Wear-resistant multi-layer nylon mesh, breathable, rapid heat, soft and comfortable touch;
  • Warm function, the heat will be the foot into the human body, with warm feet warm function; overtime protection device, so you more assured use;
  • Third gear strength adjustment, according to the needs of different people, customized different intensity massage, feel more comfortable
Bestseller No. 7
GPF Electric Massage Charger Mini Cute Three Foot Vibration Massage
  • Rechargeable design, built-in high-density rechargeable battery, small size, high energy;
  • One-button switch, gently press, you can touch the switch device, let go can be closed;
  • Net weight 120.5g, non-hi light, home and go out to use are very convenient;
  • Applicable parts: legs, buttocks, head, waist, back, feet
  • Applicable people: office workers, students, the elderly;
Bestseller No. 8
GPF Foot Massage Machine Three Color Optional heating Airbag Leg and Foot Instrument, green
  • Relax the body, Deep Kneading Shiatsu Nodes and Soothing Heat treat your overworked arches and soles
  • Customized Control allow you to choose the level that provides the ultimate massage
  • Professional Style Massage provides a full coverage experience - heel to toe and top to bottom
  • Romote control or Four buttons for easy control: model, strength, heating, on/off
  • The detachable fabric foot covers is removable and washable,Safety: CE listed.There is overheating breaker
Bestseller No. 9
GPF Foot Massage to Go Blanket Colorful Stone Foot Acupoint Massage Blanket
  • Non-slip design, you can arbitrarily disassemble the installation;
  • Made of high quality color pp plastic, good hardness, wear;
  • High-density massage foot reflex zones to stimulate the foot acupuncture points, enhance the body's vitality, promote metabolism, Zengqiang blood circulation, ease neuralgia, eliminate muscle fatigue,...
  • Use time: 1-2 times a day, every 10-15 minutes;
  • Applicable people: 1, the elderly; 2, often sitting in the work or study of people;
Bestseller No. 10
GPF Mini-charge Three-foot Vibration Massage Body Multi-function Electric Massage Equipment, gold
  • Shell made of ABS material metal production, environmental safety, feel good;
  • Flexible cushion silicone ring, slow down the shock when the impact of the hand;
  • 3 feet massage, three massage tentacles, expand the massage area; card slot design, you can download music to TF card;
  • Massage parts: back, arms, legs, waist, shoulders, neck, buttocks, soles of the feet;
  • For the crowd: people who have excessive intake of calories, high-intensity workers, people who sit for a long time, people who do not have time to exercise, need to relax after the fitness.


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