How to give a foot massage to relieve pain and fatigue

Foot massage is one of the most effective methods of caring for our precious limbs. In this small guide, I will talk about the most significant aspects to treat tired feet, electric massagers and know the keys of foot reflexology and its health benefits.

You have a great mission in your hands; you can help your family and friends to improve their wellbeing!


The feet are the most critical health link you have yet to know. And they are the pure reflection of the state of our body and most of the times we don’t give it the care it deserves. We barely think about them, and they are usually the most forgotten part of our body.

Our feet consist of 26 bones, 100 ligaments, 20 muscles along with nerves and blood vessels. The condition of our feet has a reciprocal relationship with the rest of our body.

When ailments, blisters, bunions, calluses and corns start to appear, they can also reflect something that is not working correctly. Many of the disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, malfunctioning organs can be reflected directly on our feet.

That is why podiatrists advise us to check the condition of our feet every day and come for a consultation after the first symptoms appear.

home feet massage

It is statistically known that 3 out of 4 people have a foot problem. There are a series of important points to take care of our feet that we will mention next. And don’t forget that you can complete it with a massage as we are going to teach you in the following sections.


  • It is preferable to wear shoes that are a few inches longer than our feet. Podiatrists advise buying shoes in the afternoon as feet tend to swell during the day. Wear shoes, preferably leather ones.
  • Use wool or cotton stocks that are wide. Avoid wearing tight socks or garters.
  • It is good to be able to change your shoes twice a day.
  • Don’t forget to dry your feet carefully after your daily bath and finish them off with some wheat germ oil.
  • Besides being very beneficial to give a daily foot massage, it can also be an excellent option to immerse them alternately in hot and cold water. Place a cushion while sleeping or resting to keep them up. It will help your circulation.
  • Healthy habits. Do not drink alcohol or smoke and walk for at least half an hour a day.
  • It is advisable to get a smart bracelet that measures the number of daily steps to motivate you to move every day.


A simple massage can help improve the wellbeing of our entire body and alleviate many symptoms of tired feet. Remember that the feet are what sustain us daily and allow us to perform our tasks. But perhaps the most essential and beneficial part of receiving a foot massage is our nervous system. Bearing in mind that thousands of nerve endings are concentrated on the soles of our feet.

While receiving the massage, you can benefit from a very positive stimulus that can help the whole body. Therefore, not only will it help you relieve symptoms of fatigue, pain or any other pathology you suffer from in your feet, certain areas of the foot are directly related to vital organs of our body. Hence the importance of foot reflexology.

A special treatment or massage that is given on the soles of the feet, but whose objective is the relief of specific organs and parts of our body.

foot reflexology

Nowadays foot reflexology is very well considered and is part of natural medicine although in its beginnings there was scepticism and some detractors. In line with this, foot reflexology massages can have a positive influence on the circulatory, nervous and even digestive systems, helping them to regulate themselves.

Therefore, it can help our body to eliminate toxins. Pressing on precise areas of the sole can activate nerve centres which are potent channels of energy.

The origins of this therapy can be found in China about 5000 years ago. But at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the interest that the American otolaryngologist William H. Fitzgerald had in this millenary tradition, reflexology began to spread. However, in its beginnings it was called zone therapy.


Although the foot massage is very similar to the one performed on the hands or the rest of the body, there are some characteristics you should know:

Previous steps: Before performing the massage, you must have your nails trimmed and rounded so as not to scratch the other person accidentally. Even if it is about the feet, it is essential to have the person who is going to receive the message in a comfortable place. A small armchair or a comfortable chair can be useful, but it would be ideal to have a stretcher. Mainly because the back should be as straight as possible so that all the energy, we want to stimulate flows better.

Step by step instructions: We are going to point out a series of steps that you should perform in the same order. It will help you to make the message is not so monotonous and better activate all areas. The main advantage of this type of massage is that you can practice on your feet without any difficulty.

Note: You will have to perform the massage using both hands. It is not advisable to massage both feet simultaneously.

foot massage

Step 1: Let your feet rest for 10 minutes in warm water. With this, we are already starting to stimulate and relax the area. Remember to dry your feet thoroughly to start the massage and apply some oil or hand cream. Don’t forget to rub a little bit of the can or the same oil on your hands so that the product is not too cold. It can be something unpleasant, and we want to get the opposite.
Step 2: Let’s get down to business! (The person giving the massage can also sit in a chair to make them more comfortable) First, we should start by doing some stroking on each of the feet, from the toes to the ankle. And little by little, we should press a bit more.
Step 3: Make circles with your hands helping with your thumbs on each of the soles of your feet. You must do it from the instep down. In the most challenging parts, you must make more pressure on the heel.

feet massage

Step 4: Make some movements. With soft movements using both hands, you must turn to the left and then to the right each of your feet. The experts advise you to perform these movements four times on each leg.
Step 5: Now you must knead each of your feet with the tips of your hands, each of your toes. From the end to the root of each toe. It is essential to start with the big toe. Then follow with the rest of the foot.
Step 6: Wipe off any oil and cream residue on each foot with a towel. Let the person stand up little by little.


Now that you have learned how to give a foot massage, it would be exciting to know some of the most critical points, along with their functions, of foot reflexology. That way, you can also direct the foot massage and enhance the benefits we need.

  • Massage the big toe to regulate appetite and lose weight.
  • Stimulate the centre of the thumb to activate the pituitary gland hormone to improve hormonal balance.
  • Stimulate the base of the big toe and the centre of the foot to regulate the thyroid and stress.
  • To improve energy levels, try to stimulate the inner edges of each foot as they are linked to the adrenal gland.
  • If you want to eliminate toxins, you must stimulate the area near the heel that is related to the excretory system.


Self-massage of the feet is possible, but it may be too uncomfortable or tiring when we are too tired. And above all, it is not advisable if we want to achieve the right level of relaxation and wellbeing. Fortunately, there are small appliances on the market that can help you. They are called foot massagers.

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  • 2 MASSAGE SPEEDS: Adjust the massage intensity with 2 massage settings to choose from, easily selectable using your foot
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The basic structure of a foot massager is balls arranged on a platform that rotates by exerting pressure on the sole. There are the following types:

  • Foot massager with magnetic therapy: By supplying magnetic energy it can improve the metabolism of the cells.
  • Foot hydromassage: To use them, you will need water, and they are ideal for improving circulation.
  • Infrared heat massager: Ideal for massaging your feet but without using water. The infrared radiators can heat the area without effort.
  • Based on the Shiatsu technique. They are massagers specially designed for foot reflexology.
  • Wooden massager. If you don’t have enough budget, this model could be ideal. It is a full wooden platform based on wooden rollers that turn simply by sliding your feet. Usually, they are handcrafted pieces that are sold at an excellent price A wood massager can be an option for your travels if you don’t want to carry around larger and heavier electrical appliances, so why not take it with you to the office as well?
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